IMI Defense Lower Vice Block

IMI Defense Lower Vice Block
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The IMI Defense M16/AR15  Lower Receiver Polymer Vice Block  is a high Quality Constructed device. Use In Seconds , Easy to work on your rifle without causing damage.The heavy-duty blocks allow you to firmly clamp M16/AR15 receiver halves in a vise without risk of crushing, twisting, or otherwise distorting them when applying vise pressure or torquing the barrel nut. Keeps your rifle secure for safe, effective cleaning, assembly, and repair. Unbreakable urethane vise block takes all the clamping force, so your expensive lower receiver won’t be damaged or distorted. Insert block into the magazine housing from the top or bottom, then clamp the other end in your bench vise. The magazine catch locks to the block, safely and securely holding the rifle for assembly, disassembly, cleaning, or repair. Will not mar or scratch the finish. 

The approximated packaged size or the size of the product's package is 60 x 125 x 35 mm.


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