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Guideline Multi Grip LW Net

Guideline Multi Grip LW Net

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Guideline Multi Grip LW Net M
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Guideline Multi Grip LW Net L

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Guideline Multi Grip with RubberMesh is a net system where you can change the handles on the nets to suit different fishing situations or because you might like a different type of handle. They are delivered with a handle with a custom knurled rubber grip, and as option there are handles with a natural cork grip, or a telescopic handle that extends to a total of 57 cm in length. The handles are easily replaced via a stable thread against the frame. All handles have a safety loop at the rear where you can attach a lanyard or pin-on-reel to make sure the net does not disappear.

Guideline Multi Grip has a frame of light and very rigid aluminum and with its U-shaped profile it has a very good stability. The orange color of the frame breaks off nicely against the other black details on the net. It is attached with screws, which means that the net can be replaced if it breaks. The net is of course knotless to be gentle on fish that are to be released. It is made of smooth and light polyethylene composite mesh (PE) which makes it very strong, hooks do not stick so easily and it is easy to keep clean without attracting odor.

They are available in two different sizes, where the smaller one is suitable for normal fishing for trout, char and rainbow trout, while the larger one is suitable for larger fish such as sea trout on the coast and perhaps smaller salmon. They are also available with rubber-mesh nets as an option.

Medium Large
Dimensions frame 27 x 41 cm 35 x 50 cm
Total length incl handle 61 cm 71 cm
Depth of net  40 cm 40 cm
Weight 295 g 340 g

Tuotteen koko pakattuna tai myyntipakkauksen koko on arviolta 350 x 710 x 70 mm.

0.34 kg (myyntipakkauksen kanssa 0.40 kg)

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