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Eberlestock Extra-Large Lightweight Padded Camera Case

Eberlestock Extra-Large Lightweight Padded Camera Case

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The J2PD Padded Camera Case can be paired with our J-type packs. Fitted with movable padded interior dividers, you can customize the interior layout to make it just right for your sensitive equipment. It holds quite a lot, so if you don't happen to have that much camera gear, you can use it to carry other stuff -- it's basically a padded-sided Spike Duffel, and is a nice packable alternative to a Storm or Pelican case. Choose this case to go with your Eberlestock pack, and turn it into the ultimate professional photographer's backpack. When used with our Just One and Dragonfly packs, the J2PD can be carried inside of the main utility compartment, or it can be zipped on, facing the outside front of the pack. Zips into the J79 Skycrane II.

Approximate dimensions: 22" x 14" x 7".
Actual weight = 3.5 lbs.

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