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FROG.PRO LRS-SOC Bean Bag (WF) (Tyhjä)

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Multicam Black
Ranger Green
Tan 499

Arviolta 14 - 30 vrk tilauksesta. Arvion luotettavuus on hyvä.

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Tuotteen kuvaus
The LRS-SOC Bean Bag is a back support for sniper rifles designed with a particular wedge shape that resembles a slice of cake (hence the name SOC “Slice Of Cake”), which allows you to quickly change the elevation simply moving the bag forward or back on the line of the buttstock. Pressing on the bag with your hand you give fine adjustment. On the smooth side there is an elasticized band that can be used to secure the bag to the closed bipod to give a better foothold in barricade firing. The paracord ring can be used to secure the bag or for transportation. The LRS-SOC Bean Bag can be filled as you choose thanks to the secure Velcro closure. The WF version is sold without filling, while the F version is sold with fine PET mini-granule filling.

Our attention to detail, combined with personalized design, offer a unique product that reflects our commitment to “state of the art” military equipment.

Weight: 40 g (without filling)
Dimensions: 17,5x10x10 cm (filled)

Tuotteen koko pakattuna tai myyntipakkauksen koko on arviolta 340 x 140 x 60 mm.

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