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Heathen Systems Assaulter Bipod Combo - KeyMod, M-Lok, JP Enterprises

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Tuotteen kuvaus
The Heathen Assaulter Bipod with Adapter is needed for use with KeyMod, M-Lok or JP Enterprises forends.

The Assaulter Bipod is designed for the gunfighter who is very conscience of the weight and bulk on his rifle and wants to maximize accuracy and recoil management across many shooting situations. The Heathen Assaulter Bipod is the lightest weight and most versatile bipod available which also provides a Barricade Stop and a Hand Stop. We set out to meet the most stringent performance needs of the Assaulter, to add stability in multiple shooting positions with almost no penalty to the shooter.

It is our belief that every rifle should benefit from a bipod. The shooter can now select between a traditional Sniper bipod or an ultra-lightweight Assaulter Bipod.


Ultra Lightweight, only 3.5 ounces
Detachable Leg Bipod
Barricade Stop
Hand Stop
Adapter / Scout Light Mount
Low Profile - Minimal rail space used
Multiple Storage Options for detachable legs
Compatible with Picatinny rail, M-Lok, KeyMod, JP Enterprises forends
Made from Fiber reinforced polymer and 7075 aircraft grade aluminum

Made in the USA

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