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Guideline Elevation T-PAC

Guideline Elevation T-PAC

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#6/7 11'3"
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Koko: #6/7 11'3"

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Guideline Elevation T-Pac is a super light, medium fast action range of rods in a travel friendly 6 piece format. Utilising sustainable production and eco friendly components.

6-piece Switch rods designed and rated with US Switch weight standards in mind. This means they should be loaded with the same weights as normally used on Scandinavian double hand rods. Besides being travel friendly, these are extremely light rods that will fill the needs of anglers wanting to fish short rods with Multi Tip and Scandi Heads in double handed weight ratings. A fast, but still fairly deep action with a true kick in the recovery make these rods super fun and effective to cast. The action is easy to cast, forgiving and produce accurate casts at high line speed. The rods have great line feel and you will easily connect to the rod to all types of casts. Summed up these are top modern rods with light feel and an action that suits anglers at all levels. They are built with short front and rear grips to offer comfortable double handed casting, yet still giving the option to throw a single-handed cast if preferred. Weights are 156, 160 and 162 grams for the three models respectively. All have up-locking reel seats, foregrips are 265mm and rear grips are 90 mm long. The components of these new models follow the standard of other Elevation rods.

Elevation Rods utilises the very latest in material- and pattern technology. In addition, they feature several environmentally friendly components which makes these rods revolutionary. Guideline is on a journey to offer “greener” products and packaging and the Elevation rod series has shown the way for our future rod productions. We have worked hard and into the details to do whatever is possible to make these rods the best choice for those anglers who care about the environment.

The new rod blank development process eliminates any unnecessary material in each section. It also gives us the possibility to monitor power in every part of the blank much more accurately than before. These rods are extremely light and responsive, and yet the strongest standard rods we have created. In general the rods have a sensitive and protective tip that is very stable and crisp, with a smooth progressive curve further down the blank with a powerful butt section. The action is easy to cast, forgiving and produce accurate casts at high line speed. The rods have great line feel and you will easily connect to the rod to all types of casts. Summed up these are top modern rods with light feel and an action that suits anglers at all levels.

  • No more grinding or buffing of blanks. Surface has new matte coating with a soft spiral pattern by using a specially treated recycable PP Shrink Tape.
  • New, improved full wells grips of 3A cork without rubber cork reinforcements. This reduces the levels of epoxy-resins needed in the grips.
  • Metal parts of reel seats are “clear anodized” which is the least toxic process possible when using aluminium reel seats. We use no chrome (lead) or paint in the anodizing bath.
  • For the coatings on blank, guides and the mounting glue for grips and reel seat, we use a bio-based low-toxic Epoxy, tested and approved with extremely low levels of regulated chemicals. This also adds to a better working atmosphere in the assembly phase of production, reducing health hazardous odours to a minimum.
  • Rods are mounted with light wire single leg guides and KW style stripper guides. We use a gun smoke powder coat finish on a stainless frame. Best sustainable choice, still hard and with no chrome plating, which contains lead.
  • Rod bag and rod tube cover are made of recycled REPREVE™ polyester.
  • The rod tubes are made of recycable Polypropylene (PP), they are lighter and have 20% lower diameters than standard PVC tubes. This will save space and money when rods are transported both from the factory and by the user. Given its durability and the possibility to melt and reform into plastic pellets, PP is both reusable and recyclable for producing new goods.
  • All rods are 6-piece.

Elevation SWITCH T-PAC 11’3" #6/7 - 6pc.

Your choice of model for smaller rivers where delicate presentations with smaller to medium sized flies are more important than long casts and heavy rigs. Ideal when fishing for migratory fish like Salmon, Trout or Steelhead. If you want to set this rod up for Scandi/Spey style casts and technique, we recommend using the following lines: 3D Compact 26 grams #6/7DH Shooting Heads. These are available in seven models from Float to S2/5/7. 4D Compact Multi Tip (Bodies and Tips).

The best combinations are Floating (or F/S3) 18- or 20 grams Body with 10’ or 12’/7gr Tips (Available from Float to S5/7). For Skagit Style casts, the following set-up will work well: 4D Compact 22 grams/340 grains Body + 10’ or 12’/7 grams/108 grains Tips. (Available from Float to S5/7).

Tuotteen koko pakattuna tai myyntipakkauksen koko on arviolta 1000 x 70 x 70 mm.

6, 7

0.5 kg (Tuotteella voi olla kevyt myyntipakkaus.)

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