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Inov-8 TrailFly G 270 V2 Mens

Inov-8 TrailFly G 270 V2 Mens

Inov-8 TrailFly G 270 V2 Mens
Inov-8 TrailFly G 270 V2 Mens
Inov-8 TrailFly G 270 V2 Mens
Inov-8 TrailFly G 270 V2 Mens
Inov-8 TrailFly G 270 V2 Mens
Inov-8 TrailFly G 270 V2 Mens
Inov-8 TrailFly G 270 V2 Mens

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Inov-8 TrailFly G 270 V2 Mens Blue / Nectar
Blue / Nectar

EUR 39.5 (UK 6.0)
EUR 40 (UK 6.5)
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Sijainti Myymälä (Helsinki): Juoksu, 8, varasto

Tuotteen kuvaus

The best just got even better. Inovs award-winning ‘Trail Shoe of the Year’ has been updated so runners get improved comfort and increased miles out of a V2 pair. A new upper mesh material has undergone laboratory strength tests proving it is over 25% more durable than the V1 material. Enhanced comfort comes from a more padded slimline tongue and a refined forefoot design that gives increased room for toes and greater flexibility. The rest remains the same, including the use of GRAPHENE-GRIP rubber, POWERFLOW MAX foam and BOOMERANG footbed for a fast-feel, responsive trail ride with lots of bounce.

  • Upper mesh material is proven to be more than 25% more durable than the previous material, helping runners get more miles out of their shoes
  • A more padded slimline tongue and refined forefoot design enhance midfoot comfort and give toes more room to splay over longer distances, without compromising on the popular locked-in fit
  • Graphene-enhanced rubber delivers the world’s toughest grip – insane sticky traction AND increased durability, no compromise. 50% stronger, 50% more elastic, 50% harder wearing, scientifically proven
  • Multi-directional 4mm deep lugs have been meticulously shaped and positioned to prevent debris from sticking to the outsole, while water dispersion channels and rubber dimples give extra grip on slick surfaces
  • Flex grooves across the forefoot deliver underfoot responsiveness and agility, giving the feeling that you can mould feet over uneven or rocky terrain
  • The trusted POWERFLOW MAX midsole foam ensures fast-feel bounce and energy return, while also retaining its shape and durability for longer
  • BOOMERANG insole features hundreds of expanded TPU beads that compress and spring back for 40% more energy return – and greater cushioning – than standard insoles. Retains its 6mm thickness and optimum performance level for longer, while wicking away unwanted moisture
  • Stack heights (midsole only) of 12mm in the heel and 12mm in the forefoot ensure a responsive ride, while the 0mm drop promotes the best natural form, allowing the largest range of motion in the ankle joint

Fit Scale: 5 (wide)
Drop: 0 mm
Lug Depth: 4 mm
Midsole: Powerflow Max
Midsole Stack: 12 mm
Sole Compound: 1 colour 1 density GRAPHENE rubber

Tuotteen koko pakattuna tai myyntipakkauksen koko on arviolta 350 x 250 x 120 mm.

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