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Helix R3 Waist Harness

Helix R3 Waist Harness

Helix R3 Waist Harness
Helix R3 Waist Harness
Helix R3 Waist Harness
Helix R3 Waist Harness

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Helix R3 Waist Harness Black
Helix R3 Waist Harness Coyote Brown
Coyote Brown
Helix R3 Waist Harness Khaki Green
Khaki Green

S (68-98 cm)
M (72-109 cm)
L (82-112 cm)
XL (90-132 cm)

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Arviolta 21 - 45 vrk tilauksesta. Arvion luotettavuus on hyvä.

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Tuotteen kuvaus

The Helix R3 Waist Harness is comprised of the Riggers Belt and Leg Loops, and has been designed specifically for military operational use for a wide range of missions and tasks across all environments. 

The harness is certified to EN12277 (mountaineering equipment-harness) Type C. 

The belt is 45mm wide and will fit into standard belt loops. It is sized so that it can take molle attachments and is stiff enough to take heavier equipment such as holsters and mission specific equipment. The triple lock, corrosion resistant buckle requires three separate actions to release it which means it can't be accidentally opened. The belt can be used with the buckle on the left or right depending on user preference. The belt is fully adjustable, and the excess material can be stowed away. The material is lightweight and has minimal volume to reduce water absorption and drying time. The outside of the belt uses fine velcro, allowing battle belts to be positioned on top of the belt thus minimising movement. The belt includes a low profile textile belay loop on the front, which allows the user to quickly connect to an anchor or system using a tested belt with full confidence that it meets high access criteria. When not in use, the belay loop can be stowed away. Two gear loops are provided in the pack and extra sets are available as an optional extra. These velcro into position onto the harness in any position determined by the user. 

The leg loops are very light and compact using a synthetic mesh to minimise their bulk and moisture retention. Available in one size, weighing just 260g. The loops are fully adjustable using the same triple lock buckles as the harness. The leg loops can be added to create a sit harness in less than 15 seconds. 

The Riggers Belt, Leg Loops and gear loops can be purchased as separate products with sizes ranging from small to x-large for the belt and one size for the leg and gear loops. The waist harness, belt, leg loops and gear loops are all available in either black, coyote brown or khaki green colourways.

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