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FROG.PRO TIER1 Cobra Belt Kit

FROG.PRO TIER1 Cobra Belt Kit

FROG.PRO TIER1 Cobra Belt Kit
FROG.PRO TIER1 Cobra Belt Kit
FROG.PRO TIER1 Cobra Belt Kit
FROG.PRO TIER1 Cobra Belt Kit

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FROG.PRO TIER1 Cobra Belt Kit Multicam


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Varastotilanne ja saapuvat

Tuotteen kuvaus

The close collaboration and the continuous exchange of feedback with the Special Forces operators led to the creation of a “combat proof” first line: the TIER1 COBRA Belt Kit.

The belt comes with an Elastic Open Top pistol magazine pouch for speed reload, a pouch with flap and hook and loop fastener closure for a second magazine, a flashlight or a multitool, and a multicaliber rifle magazine pouch. The kit is completed by the spearhead of the med pouches, the Orthos Med Pouch.

The COBRA Operator Belt is the ultimate solution for those who are looking for a multifunctional belt that features MOLLE PALS system for attaching pouches or accessories. Its minimal design, along with its thin construction, fulfill the lightness and mobility needs required in modern scenarios, without renouncing to the modularity offered by the MOLLE system. The buckle up system is entrusted to an AustriAlpin COBRA® D-ring buckle in matte black color that has a breaking load of 18 kN (1835 kgf). This buckle is designed to prevent accidental opening; in fact, the security system allows it to be opened only if not under load and only by pressing both the release buttons. The D-ring, with a breaking load of 22 kN (2243 kgf), can be used with the PRL (Personal Retention Lanyard) or other accessories for rappelling or emergency.

The Pistol-SMG-1-EOT (Pistol-Sub Machine Gun-1-Elastic Open Top) is designed to carry several types of small caliber magazines such as cal. 9 mm / .45 pistol or Sub Machine Gun magazines. The Pistol-1-VF (Pistol-1-Velcro fastener Flap) is designed to carry different items such as cal. 9 mm / .45 pistol magazine, flashlight, multitool, tourniquet, etc.

The Multi-1-EOT (Multicaliber-1-Elastic Open Top) is designed to carry several types of rifle magazines such as AR-15 style magazines (.223 – 5.56x45mm), AR-10 / SR-25 / SCAR 17 style magazines (.308 – 7.62x51mm), AK style magazines (7.62x39mm), etc. The Orthos Med Pouch offer an easily accessible solution for the transport and use of medical devices (IFAK - Individual First Aid Kit) that can be fully customized thanks to the Multi Purpose Organizer panels supplied. Finally, it is the operator who decides what to put, where, in what quantity and with what retention system.

n.1 COBRA Operator Belt
n.1 COBRA Trousers Inner Belt
n.1 Pistol-SMG-1-EOT
n.1 Pistol-1-VF
n.1 Multi-1-EOT
n.1 Orthos Med Pouch

S: 785 g
XL: 840 g

Size and Fit
SM: 86-94 cm
MD: 94-102 cm
LG: 102-110 cm
XL. 110-118 cm

Note! The measures shown are related to the inner circumference of the belt when closed. For a correct sizing, wear the garments you would use together with the belt and wear the COBRA Trousers Inner Belt or a similar belt, then measure your waist circumference with a soft tape measure directly above the latter. If you don’t have a soft tape measure, you can use a non-elastic rope and then measure it with a hard meter.

Tuotteen koko pakattuna tai myyntipakkauksen koko on arviolta 250 x 250 x 80 mm.

0,8 kg
(myyntipakkauksen kanssa 0,95 kg)

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