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CTOMS 2ndLine™ Main Pack

CTOMS 2ndLine™ Main Pack

CTOMS 2ndLine™ Main Pack
CTOMS 2ndLine™ Main Pack
CTOMS 2ndLine™ Main Pack
CTOMS 2ndLine™ Main Pack

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'Versatility,' 'Customization' and 'Modular' were the key focus points in the design of this pack. Tactical environments and operations are fluid; you need to be flexible and so does your gear. This is the next generation in medic packs. The CTOMS™ MED 2ndLine™ Main Pack is a low profile aid bag with a surprisingly large capacity thanks to the efficient organizational layout. The slim profile of the pack allows the wearer to operate more effectively in confined spaces such as vehicles, aircraft and buildings. The Main Pack is used to carry medical equipment. The internal layout of the pack is customizable with any variation in the use of the Book FoldersQuad Fold PouchesMARS™ Panels or other accessories sold separately. The labels are left blank to allow the user to personalize them in any language or wording of his or her preference. The labels glow in the dark to allow backlighting of the label text for fast recognition in low light environments. The Assault Pack Module is easily integrated with the PARIS (Pack To Armor Interface System), taking your comfort to another level.  Add on the External Module to increase pack space if required.

Main Pack - External Features:

  • 500 Denier Cordura
  • High quality construction made in the USA
  • Removable padded shoulder straps
  • Quick release shoulder straps with positive identification beaded pulls
  • Quick release buckles constructed with metal for durability and performance. Low profile TOP and SIDE handles
  • 2 channels, 9 rows of spaced PALS on sides
  • 8 channels, 7 rows of PALS on back (including 2 blocks of 3 without spaces, so 7 spaced PALS rows high)
  • 9 channels, 2 rows no spaces PALS on bottom of the pack
  • Loop Velcro® strip on top back panel for patches
  • Top and bottom zipper compatibility for attaching external module
  • Compression straps with Web Dominator strap management
  • Size 20" x 14" x 4"

 Main Pack- Internal Features:

  • Internally covered in loop Velcro® for complete customization of the pack
  • Inverted zipper construction for ease of use when opening and closing the pack


Weight: 1.5 kg


1,5 kg(Tuotteella voi olla kevyt myyntipakkaus.)


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