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Ozone Leijasurffauksen aloituspaketti 14m² leijalla

Ozone Leijasurffauksen aloituspaketti 14m² leijalla

2199.00 sis. alv 24% (1773.39 €, alv 0) + toimituskulut


Ozone Catalyst V4 Kite Only 14m²

Ozone Catalyst V4 Kite Only 14m² Blue/White
Toimitusaika arviolta 14 - 45 vrk.
Ozone Catalyst V4 Kite Only 14m² Green/White
Toimitusaika arviolta 14 - 45 vrk.
Ozone Catalyst V4 Kite Only 14m² Rubine Red/White
Rubine Red/White

Ozone Bar Contact Water V5

38cm (No Lines)
Toimitusaika arviolta 14 - 45 vrk.
38cm with 23m Lines +160,00 €
Toimitusaika arviolta 14 - 45 vrk.
38cm with 25m Lines +170,00 €
Toimitusaika arviolta 14 - 45 vrk.
45cm (No Lines)
Toimitusaika arviolta 14 - 45 vrk.
45cm with 13m Lines +120,00 €
Toimitusaika arviolta 14 - 45 vrk.
45cm with 20m Lines +150,00 €
Toimitusaika arviolta 14 - 45 vrk.
45cm with 23m Lines +160,00 €
Tulossa lisää arviolta 27.4.2023
45cm with 25m Lines +170,00 €
Toimitusaika arviolta 14 - 45 vrk.
50cm (No Lines)
Toimitusaika arviolta 14 - 45 vrk.
50cm with 13m Lines +120,00 €
Toimitusaika arviolta 14 - 45 vrk.
50cm with 20m Lines +150,00 €
Toimitusaika arviolta 14 - 45 vrk.
50cm with 23m Lines +160,00 €
Tulossa lisää arviolta 27.4.2023
50cm with 25m Lines +170,00 €
Toimitusaika arviolta 14 - 45 vrk.
55cm (No Lines)
Toimitusaika arviolta 14 - 45 vrk.
55cm with 20m Lines +150,00 €
Toimitusaika arviolta 14 - 45 vrk.
55cm with 23m Lines +160,00 €
Toimitusaika arviolta 14 - 45 vrk.
55cm with 25+2m Lines +190,00 €
Toimitusaika arviolta 14 - 45 vrk.
55cm with 25m Lines +170,00 €
Toimitusaika arviolta 14 - 45 vrk.
55cm with 27m Lines +180,00 €
Toimitusaika arviolta 14 - 45 vrk.
62cm (No Lines)
Toimitusaika arviolta 14 - 45 vrk.

Ozone Kite Pump V2

Myymälä (Helsinki)hyllyssä0 kpl
Myymälä (Helsinki)varastossayli 10 kpl heti
Netistä toimitettavissa hetiyli 10 kpl heti


Ozone Short Safety Leash V2

Myymälä (Helsinki)hyllyssä0 kpl
Myymälä (Helsinki)varastossa9 kpl heti
Netistä toimitettavissa heti9 kpl heti


Ozone Base V2 Board Only

Ozone Base V2 Board Only Blue / Green Transparent
Blue / Green Transparent
Ozone Base V2 Board Only Ruby Red
Ruby Red

128 x 38 cm (40-60kg)
130 x 39 cm (50-70kg)
133 x 40 cm (60-75kg)
137 x 41 cm (65-85kg)
142 x 42 cm (80-100kg)
148 x 44 cm (95kg+)

Ozone Pads and Straps V2, 1 pari


Ozone Connect Waist V3 Harness

Ozone Connect Waist V3 Harness Black

XXS ( 68-73cm / 26.7-28.7in)
XS (72-77cm / 28.3-30.3in)
S ( 75-80cm / 29.5-31.5in)
M (79-85cm / 31.1-33.5in)
L (84-90cm / 33.1-35.4in)
XL (89-96cm / 35-37.8in)
XXL ( 95-102cm / 37.4-40.1in)

Valitse kaikki ominaisuudet. (Ozone Catalyst V4 Kite Only 14m²)
Tuotteen kuvaus

Ozone leijojen suositellut puomin ja narujen pituudet

Ozone Catalyst V4 Kite Only 14m²:
Ozone Catalyst is the kite for anyone getting into the sport or riders looking for a fun, confidence inspiring kite with ease of use and accessibility at its heart.
  • Fun, easy and intuitive
  • Simple and fast re-launch
  • Large wind range
  • The kite of choice for entry level to intermediate riders

Ozone Catalyst V4 Kite Only includes
  • Kite
  • Technical bag
  • Repair Kit
  • Manual

The Catalyst V4 has not changed in design but Ozone has added some features from customers' feedback, a new bag, and a new graphic design.

  • The wide wind range and progressive de-power makes riding in variable or gusty conditions comfortable, while great upwind performance gives you more time to spend improving your skills! After the basics have been mastered and you’re looking to expand your game, you’ll be surprised at the jumping capabilities of the Catalyst.
  •  A new retracting rear bridle line system reduces the chance of line tangles while adding rear line tension when riding sheeted out increasing reactivity to bar inputs.
  • The Catalyst features our proven rip-stop material combination. The rip-stop canopy material has an advanced ultra flex coating improving feedback in gustier conditions making for a smoother ride. The technical rip-stop dacron is super tough, used on the Leading Edge and Strut it improves strength, durability and longevity.

New bag design
  • Technical Bag with loads of space
  • Internal stash pocket
  • Compression and board/pump holder straps
  • Adjustable shoulder strap
Ozone Bar Contact Water V5:
A clean and simple design, featuring an easy-to-use trim system and our innovative Click-In Loop Quick Release.
  • Two Release Modes
  • Three Loop Size Options
  • Spinning Head with Anti-twist Flag Out Line
  • Soft Bar Ends with Leader Line Adjustment
  • Bio-based Dyneema® Modular Flying Lines
  • Ergonomic EVA Grip
  • Stainless Steel Leader Line Pin
  • Light Weight Aluminium Centre Piece
  • PU Covered De-power Line
  • Stainless Steel Trimmer Bracket
  • Clamcleat Trimmer
  • Re-launch Balls
Push-away quick release with an innovative one-step Click-In reload function that is incredibly intuitive. The release handle fits comfortably in the hand, it is quick and easy to activate the release by pushing the handle away. A self-positioning release mechanism locates automatically, ready to be re-loaded by simply ‘clicking’ in the loop. The Click-In Loop is AFNOR NF S52-503 certified.

Bio-based Dyneema® Modular Flying Lines
Colour coded 500kg front / 300kg back lines are precision cut, pre-stretched, spliced and sewn in our own production facility to guarantee accuracy. We use the highest quality Bio-based Dyneema® – this material has the same performance as conventional Dyneema® with a carbon footprint that is 90% lower than generic HMPE fiber.

Modular Design
Our modular design makes adding or removing extensions quick and easy via removable pigtail end connectors.

Ergonomic EVA Grip
3D pressed EVA with ergonomic shaping and a lightly sanded finish provide the ultimate bar grip. It is colour coded with the leader lines and flying lines for an added visual safety feature.

Design Inspiration
What’s the first thing you do when you get in a car? You click in your seatbelt, hearing that ‘click’ sound makes you feel secure that you are safely buckled up, and you know instinctively how to release it.  The design of our innovative quick release system, the Click-In Loop, was inspired by the same principle. In the same way fastening your seatbelt has become a natural action when getting into a car, riders should activate and reload their release systems before and after every use. Although this important safety check is often overlooked, checking your release before each session will ensure it is functioning properly. We developed the Click-In function to be simple and intuitive, so activating and reloading will become second nature.

Important Notes:

Below the Bar Release (Recommended Mode)
All riders should attach their Kite Leash to the Flag Out System. This is the small eyelet on the Stainless Steel Swivel Ring.
When the release is activated, the kite will flag out and fall to the water/ground.

Advanced Riders
(Use at your own risk, not recommended) 
Riders performing unhooked tricks or who are more confident and have spent many hours Kiting can attach in Expert mode, where the loop part runs through the large eye of the steel ring. When letting go of the bar in Expert mode (without activating the release e.g. missed handle pass) the kite will depower but WILL NOT flag out.
Be aware in this situation, the Quick Release will be out of reach and can therefore not be released. When hooked in and activating the Quick Release the steel ring automatically slips off and the kite will flag out.

Keep it Clean:
In all situations make sure that all lines are clear of all working release systems and the kite leash is connected in the right way.
Always clean your control system with fresh water after every session, and reload/release the Click-In Loop to check the system is functioning correctly. Store your control system with the Click-In Loop release open. Reload the next time you set up your kite.
Ozone Kite Pump V2:
Leijapumppu painemittarilla (PSI). Pumppu toimii molempiin suuntiin. Entistäkin kevyempi pumpata. Vain täyttö, ei tyhjennystoimintoa. Sopii mainiosti myös Boston-venttiilillä varustettujen kelluntarenkaiden täyttöön.

  • Pumppu
  • Letku
  • Boston venttiilin täyttöadapteri
  • Ohuempi täyttöadapteri esim. vesileluille
Ozone Short Safety Leash V2:
Ozone Short Safety Leash V2 on lyhyt turvaleash pikalaukaisulla, joka toimii kaikkien leijojen kanssa. Ei roiku häiritsevästi, joten passaa hyvin rentoon freerideen niin kesällä kuin talvella. Ottaa laukaistaessa heti tehon pois leijasta.

Handlepass-hommiin soveltuu sitten Ozone Long Safety Leash V2
Ozone Base V2 Board Only:
Aloittelijaystävällinen ja stabiili lauta ensilaudaksi tai leppoisaan ja huolettomaan freerideen kokeneimmille kuskeille.

Board Only - sisältää laudan, evät, kahvan
  • Mukava lauta leppoisaan freerideen
  • Kryssii helposti
  • Medium-Low Rocker ja Medium-Soft Flex
  • Aloittelijoille ja kehittyjille
  • Single Concave -pohja
Mikäli hyppimistä haluaa harjoitella niin parempi vaihtoehto on silloin Ozone Code V3 Board Only.
Ozone Pads and Straps V2:
Having comfortable footpads and straps makes the difference between a good session and a bad one. Ozone V2 design provides the ultimate balance between performance and comfort to keep the good sessions rolling.

Foot straps are ergonomically designed featuring Ultralon Performance Foam® and plush neoprene for the ultimate in comfort and control while providing a precise fit. Ultralon foam has an exceptional resistance to packing out, it doesn’t compress over time and has an outstanding formability enabling anatomical adaptation. Combined with the quick and easy velcro size adjustment, the strap provides a snug fit to all foot shapes and sizes or wetsuit booties.

Ozone has designed footpads to provide superior comfort, adaptability and strength. The multi-density foam pads combine a shock absorption base layer and a higher density top layer with precise contouring and texture for increased traction to keep your feet comfortably locked in. The baseplate is built strong with nine strap positions and five stance angle options allowing for uncompromised adaptability.
Ozone Connect Waist V3 Harness:
Ozone Connect Waist V3 is an ultra lightweight harness providing support and superior freedom of movement.
  • Freeride harness for twin tip, surf or foil
  • Superior freedom of movement
  • Ultra lightweight from only 990 grams (approx.)
  • Push Button Release Spreader Bar
Focusing on functional design and material selection we have created a lightweight harness that is perfect for day-to-day freeride sessions whether you’re riding on a twin tip, surfboard or hydrofoil.

The ergonomic fit has an optimised mid section to increase back support without restricting movement. The Connect Waist harness is flexible in all directions so you feel completely unrestrained, this gives you extra freedom during manoeuvres and allows you to maintain a comfortable body position at all times.

Ultra soft foam padding and an outer neoprene layer provide comfort with no rubbing points. Riding in board shorts is a rash/rub free experience thanks to the sleek lines and precise sculpted shape.

Internal supports strengthen specific areas subject to higher loads combined with full length webbing between the spreader bar attachment points for optimum load distribution.

A lightweight construction from only 990 grams (approx.) and the possibility to lay it flat without distorting pre-moulded or fixed shape panels make the Connect Waist the perfect travel harness.

We recognise the need for a harness to match your body shape without compromise so we’ve made it available in a range of seven sizes to offer the perfect fit for everyone. The Connect Waist V3 is designed for a tight and close fit, the tighter you wear a harness the less tendency it will have to ride up or shift from side to side. This added security combined with the lightweight comfort allows you to stay out for longer and make the most of your sessions.

Ostamalla tämän tuotepaketin säästät 550,80 € verrattuna siihen, jos ostaisit tuotteet yksitellen.

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