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Surefire MASTERFIRE™ Rapid Deploy Holster

Surefire MASTERFIRE™ Rapid Deploy Holster

Surefire MASTERFIRE™ Rapid Deploy Holster
Surefire MASTERFIRE™ Rapid Deploy Holster
Surefire MASTERFIRE™ Rapid Deploy Holster

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The Surefire MASTERFIRE Rapid Deploy Holster (RDH) is a revolution in Holster design. The MASTERFIRE is ergonomically designed to release and present a handgun quickly and on target. An open top design securely cradles almost any handgun, including a suppressed handgun with a red dot sighting system and keeps it at the ready for rapid deployment when using the MASTERFIRE RDH and any of the H series weaponlights. The MASTERFIRE also has Level 3 retention with a primary and secondary lock system. Four solid locking points via any of the H series weaponlights ensures failsafe weapon retention.

The new line of H series weaponlights including models with integrated lasers are dedicated interfaces between virtually any handgun with a light rail and the MASTERFIRE RDH. The integrated light activation paddle switch is engineered to activate all H series weaponlights automatically when the weaponlight toggle switch is turned on, where it is swept past an embedded actuator within the MASTERFIRE RDH. Drawing a handgun without automatic light or laser activtion is as simple as slipping the paddle switch to the off position.

The holster can be adjusted to fit almost any sized hand with two included release button adapters that snap on to the dedicated release button. Adjustable belt stays make fitting the MASTERFIRE to any duty belt easy.
  • Works only with X300UH, X400UH-A-GN, X400UH-A-RD and XH15, H Series WeaponLights
  • Universal system that works for almost any handgun with a rail that interfaces with the holster via any of the above WeaponLights
  • Proprietary lug and cam system on holster specific WeaponLight models lock into MasterFire Holster for secure weapon retention
  • Works on almost any handgun format, including suppressed handguns with select SureFire and other make suppressors
  • Level 3 retention with primary and secondary lock systems
  • Ergonomically designed to release and present firearm for a fast draw
  • Light actuation mode switch facilitates automatic light and/or laser activation when presenting the firearm from the holster
  • A mid-sized and high release extension are included for proper hand to holster fit.
  • Holster mount with adjustable belt stays provides secure fit onto duty belts up to 2.25” wide
  • Drain hole – water and debris will not collect in holster bucket.

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