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FROG.PRO Multi-1-DR-PMF, single

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Ranger Green

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Tuotteen kuvaus
The Multi-1-DR-PMF (Multicaliber, Double Retention, Pistol Mag pouch with Flap) is designed to transport one rifle magazine in the main pouch, plus one pistol magazine or a multitool in the outer pouch. The inner part of both pouches features HANK® fabric (Hypalon) on the body side to increase retention strenght and to avoid magazine slipping, and MIL-W-17337 Class 2 webbing on both the outer and the bottom part to increase abrasion and scratch resistance. The main retention is performed by MIL-W-5664 4″ elasticized webbing or equal, that allows a perfect fitting of most of the magazines on the market. The rifle mag pouch has an additional adjustable shock cord retention. The pistol mag pouch has a long flap with velcro closure. The new Ultra-Mate® velcro in neutral color, due to its excellent adhesion power, guarantees a safe closure, and thanks to its slim profile, it provides a quieter opening than the traditional one.

FROG.PRO designs and makes its new pouches in a double layer of 500D CORDURA® fabric paying particular attention to seams, reinforced and sewn in a single layer to make them invisible and securely protected. These technical solutions guarantee the highest possible resistance to wear and consequently a longer life cycle for the product. In addition, these FROG.PRO pouches are equipped with the new exclusive WTFix attachment system!

Our attention to detail, combined with personalized design, offer a unique product that reflects our commitment to “state of the art” military equipment.

Weight: 95 g
Dimensions: 12,5x8x5 cm

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