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DAA Carry It All (CIA) Backpack

DAA Carry It All (CIA) Backpack

DAA Carry It All (CIA) Backpack
DAA Carry It All (CIA) Backpack
DAA Carry It All (CIA) Backpack
DAA Carry It All (CIA) Backpack
DAA Carry It All (CIA) Backpack
DAA Carry It All (CIA) Backpack
DAA Carry It All (CIA) Backpack
DAA Carry It All (CIA) Backpack

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DAA Carry It All (CIA) Backpack Black

Väri: Black

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Tuotteen kuvaus

The Double-Alpha CIA Backpack is the perfect all-day range backpack for the dedicated IPSC shooter. Decades of range experience went into the configuration and design of this backpack, which will meet and exceed the expectations of even the most demanding hard-core shooter.

The CIA (Carry It All) backpack is made of durable D600 Cordura material, a tough and long-lasting water-repellent fabric. The bottom of the bag is lined with Hypalon – a water-proof and tear-resistant material so tough it’s often used for building high-speed inflatable boats!

The interior of the CIA Backpack is fully lined with Velcro, allowing you to attach accessories or add-ons of your choice, such as magazine storage solutions, compartment partitions or even internal lighting fixtures (not included). A large central partition is included, which separates the lower compartment from the upper, and can be removed or reinstalled in seconds.

The upper front pocket, while not appearing to be deep, has a flexible back-panel which enables you to store a full-size hearing protection headset – perfect for quick access when arriving at a noisy shooting range. The large external Velcro panel is ideal for attaching your favorite patches or name/club tags to personalize your CIA Backpack. Practical MOLLE straps make it possible to attach additional external items, such as a timer or glasses case, or a bottle holder. The sturdy top carry handle, 4 EVA panel side pockets and frontal document pocket add additional useability and convenience.

Expert attention was given to the design of the back panel and shoulders traps to ensure this backpack is comfortable to carry, even when heavily loaded. The wide and thickly padded shoulder straps can be detached at their lower end to slide into dedicated pockets, keeping them out of the way when attaching the bag to a Range Cart.

The shoulder straps and load-lifter webbings keep the backpack riding high on your back, for better weight distribution and to avoid interference with your shooting rig.

2.8 kg

Approx.: 42 W x 27 D x 56 H cm
Capacity: 37 L

Tuotteen koko pakattuna tai myyntipakkauksen koko on arviolta 470 x 630 x 330 mm.

2,8 kg(Tuotteella voi olla kevyt myyntipakkaus.)

37 litraa

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